June 6, 2008

Findus – You can tell it’s Findus

You can tell is Findus

Findus, the deep frozen food brand has been the undisputed leader of the market for the last twenty years except in the period 2006-2008, when they offer us the opportunity to work with them on the launch of a new product. The brand has been working on new concepts during that period, focusing in more younger target, highlighting quality and trying to be more approachable, it all failed because they were aiming new, when consumer want to recover the mothers taste at home. When we work on the concept it was pretty clear, we all grew with the brand, our mothers used it, our grandmas used it… so we were all familiar with every single aspect of it, so, Why was it loosing the leadership and feel as a contender? We had the message in front of our eyes, the brand have been using the motto “you can tell is Findus” for 30 years and the consumer was disoriented by changing it, so disoriented that they stop perceiving the same quality.

When we showed our proposal of bringing back the traditional stuff, the client first was upset, then thoughtful, and at the end they love it. All this happen in a five minutes period during the pitch speech and you can tell by their faces they were really happy. So we create several concepts and commercials to bring it back the concept and at the same time launched a new product. Findus has always been a traditional brand with a modern look and feel, so we recover the tone, the stories and the proximity. Two weeks later, Findus move not only the new product to out portfolio but the whole account. It also increase the sales, recovering the market leadership for the biggest gap in the last 15 years. You can tell it’s Findus

 Pepe Villaverde, Alejandro Novas
 Pepe Villaverde
 Alejandro Novas
 Jose Carnero, Juan Lassalle, Araceli Iranzo