April 3, 2007

FNAC – Culture Fanatics

Turn a cultural store into an intellectual hooligans temple

Fnac, the culture international store, planned to open several stores around spain. Focused before in three main cities the are opening the field to medium size cities. How could we take consumers used to buy in their local stores or malls into the new Fnac location? The plan was to reinforce the idea that cultural people and intellectuals look for a present that reflects their knowledge about the sector and the people, they are the cultural representation of sport fans, but following authors instead of players.

We capture the aesthetics of the football evenings, the tournaments highs and give them a cultural touch. The result was stunning, Fnac fastly was perceived as the place where the people that know about culture buys culture, real culture not trending books or films. In a year period, after the consumer tests, the answer back for the consumer was that they were not a consumer anymore, they were users, and three key point arise. The Fnac fans, visit the store when they have free time and love to walk around and get information. Second, when they are buying a present, if it is wrapped with a Fnac bag, the perception value of the present rise. The third key point was even more interesting, the users trust more the Fnac stuff, than the critics or the top sellers lists.

 Pepe Villaverde, Alejandro Novas
 Pepe Villaverde
 Alejandro Novas
 Jose Carnero, Juan Lassalle, Araceli Iranzo