June 5, 2008

FNAC – Donosti

Luke! I am your Aita

Fnac, the culture international store, planned to open the first store in the Vasc Country. Using iconic films, boooks, music and cultural icons, we reinterpreted under the Basc point of view. Four originals hit the street with outdoor and a exclusive commercial was broadcasted on the Star Wars cinema halls. The Star Wars original due non possible usage of rights was reinterpreted and animated by Mauro Entrialgo, famous comic drawer of Spain, and the voices over were sang by the team.

The commercial was a success, “Luke I am your Aita” become a Meme before the Meme word was created and Fnac opening received more than 20.000 visitors the opening weekend. Local media spread the message even talking about the commercial on the Star Wars critical sections of local newspapers.

 Pepe Villaverde, Alejandro Novas
 Pepe Villaverde
 Alejandro Novas
 Jose Carnero, Juan Lassalle, Araceli Iranzo