January 9, 2010

Hilfiger Denim Live

20 venues, 250 hours of life music, 12 european capitals, 65 bands, one brand… Live at Hilfigerdenim.com

The main goal of this campaign was pushing music brand heritage to a new positioning. instead of looking like music, we decide to be music. lining up young talented american bands like the virgins, the films or matt & kim, into a european tour, the hilfiger denim live event.

we designed a dynamic website focused in the band tours as well as all the brand fashion content. instead of applying an horizontal structure that will separate both secitions, we designed an arquitecture net, that connects all the sections together through some self-generated content in each section that triggered the curiosity about another hilfiger denim area. 


The homepage showed interactive content via a slider, a full video gallery was available with more than 50 bands playing exclusive concerts too. The Hilfiger Denim Live experience went even further, Berlin concert was broadcasted in streaming, followers can see the event from their phone or ipad in real time.

hilfiger denim live was supported by special actions in every of the 21 european capitals it was hosted. wild postering, building projections, spectaculars, special windows, plus all the stationary for each venue. we created a music festival to support the brand strategy and rised brand awareness further than any simple fashion campaign before.


 Pepe Villaverde
 Pepe Villaverde
 Jristian Limsico

Awards & mentions:
FWA Site of the day (16-10-2008)
SPIN AWARDS – Nominee Best Design 2009