June 5, 2008


Kia Carens, Space even for all your kids imagination

The Kia carens scored 7th in the list of MPV consumer options in Spain, 12th in Kia’s survey and potential target perceived it as not a strong personality and not so innovative family car. None of them had ever drived one before. We accept Kia’s challenge and put on it some imagination, actually all the could all that could fit in to push sales with this familiar car further than ever

Kia’s MOtto is power to surprise, so we thought, which was the most amazing surprise inside the car? It’s not the warranty, neither the equipment, neither the leather seats… What always surprise you in a family trip… are your kids!

So we created a concept that highlighted this great advantage. Kia Carens was the perfect car for families with personality, for families with personality, for families that try their kids as intelligent people

but understanding that at the end they are just kids. Let’s play the kids world to sale the car, we thought, it has no boundaires, no rules, it was perfect!
We supported the campaign with a special microsite based on the imagination, closing the gap with the potential consumer, answering their doubts and dreams. A tour through the advantages of the car, generating a experience that will change how the consumer perceived the brand and creating the feeling of a personal adventure, full of surprises. a 360 view mixed with a color changer, a big gallery with more than 60 images and videos that highlight the quality and details of the car and a special kid-drawing generator to print someting for your kids

THe campaign was big success, repositioning the Kia carnes as a really interesting option and rose the awareness and perception about the model. ia cares scored 4th in his segment sales during the next half year


 Pepe Villaverde, Alejandro Novas
 Pepe Villaverde
 Alejandro Novas
 Jose Carnero, Juan Lassalle