June 6, 2008

KIA C’eed

Kia C’eed, Caring about what really matters

The Kia C’eed launching had a surprise, it was the first car with seve years warranty in the spanish market, still perceived as a lower quality car compared with the german hatch-backs our goal was to present the car to the future user in a really interesting manner, embracing the general Kia concept we developed: A car for intelligent and practical people. We continue to follow on our Carens tone success and not telling the brand users how they should live their lifes, but to reflect what they are leaving.

Highlighting the young spirit of trying things, discovering, we came up with the concept, that a car is important because what you live with it. The path was easy and powerful, we reflect that with a stop motion video effect, of a live of a young men or women and what makes their life richer.

THe campaign was big success, repositioning the Kia C’eed as a really interesting option and rose the awareness and perception about the model. Kia rise their sales more than expected keeping the campaign for one full year.


 Pepe Villaverde, Jorge Pezzi
 Pepe Villaverde, Jorge Pezzi
 Alejandro Novas
 Jose Carnero, Juan Lassalle