June 12, 2011

Knight & Frank

How about visiting an apartment from your phone?
Find a luxury appartment is not always easy, you need to check hundred of websites, calls, and the agenda is not helping, so far without even know if the apartment suits you. Knight and Frank decided to change it. We place some door-maps hanging and on the entrance of the buildings we are saling or renting with a QR code that drives you to this mobile-site.

The app is the equivalent of having a visit through the appartment, and set up a meeting when you want, making it a lot of easier for our clients needs. How does it works? We place some door-maps with a QR code that connects you to this web-based on the entrance of the buildings Knight & Frank sales or rents. Flowing throw the app, like if you were really visiting the apartment. We know that costumers use to have a lot of questions when checking a new flat, so we

include all the interesting information you may need through the different sections: virtual visit, details of the apartment, flat map, appointment request…

The virtual visit is exactly that, a 360 covarage of the house, ala streetview, where you can digitally walk through all the house using your fingers through the different rooms. You can explore the map of the appartment, with a complete 3d map, and read the details of every room, having access to pictures of each section, and if you like it you can make an appointment. But what happen if this is not the appartment you are looking for? then you can access the apparment we have for you through the map, and the same kind of data is available for you via a google maps connection, that sets up where you are and the shorter run to your next apartment.


 Pepe Villaverde
 Pepe Villaverde
 Pepe Villaverde