September 3, 2009

Tommy Japan Fw09

Tommy & Tommy Girl are two brands that live below the Tommy Hilfiger umbrella and are exclusive for Japan. Their targets are street savvy youngsters more than the ones for the Hifiger Denim division. We wanted to engage them with a street-preppy twist.

We introduce the Prep Squad one season before the Hilfiger come alive. These posy of friends believe that make things like the city, life, fashion… prettier is posible and only needs to take some action. We shot the Prep Squad in the action of transforming a wasted building into a more beautiful piece of art within the city, they were prepping the town by their own hands.

Creating was the next step. We placed the Prep Squad head quarters on the internet. A window to their way of life, where you can become a member

of the Prep Squad yourself, and take place in the real viral actions. Via Tweeter and website, you can join the local Prep Squad in Japan painting some places. Following what is happening with the other squads, check and buy the collection and every two weeks find the Top Tokio store that  sells Tommy Japan Collection. To make a more approachable action, we launch a mobile app where you could follow the Prep Squad teams as well as act as painting virtually any wall in japan you wanted. Avoiding the strict street-art rules of Japan and using the camera and locator on the phone, we make possible to paste a virtual graffiti based on the collection patterns, tweet and share with your other prep squad friends as well as publish it on FB and the whole of fame on the website. Around the city, you could by geo-location check the graffiti with your phone. For every 10 patterns you paste or for every 20 you see and share, you get a 20% discount in a collection garment.

 Pepe Villaverde
 Pepe Villaverde
 Claudia Bruno
 Horst Diekgerdes