November 5, 2012

Valentine’s run

Runners are different. They are made of other material. They express themselves on the track and the pace is their own language. Let’s celebrate the Valentine’s day with our partners in the most runner manner possible.

With this mobile app love only can be expressed in one way, running. We want to send the most beautiful present a runner can get from their lover, their own track made of a love message. How does it runs? The app ask you to fill in some data, city, distance, level, average speed and the most important thing, your love message. Short if you don’t want to die trying. The system generates your sentence looking for coincidences over your city map, creating your love track

made of  the letters of your message. The app sends the love declaration to be run to your love’s phone. Once you are on your mark the app guides you with a voice over, so you can run following its guidance and creating the message over the city.

Your lover, receives the message that you started, and can follow your message building up on the screen in streaming, she can support you with small messages that you will hear while running. The map, reveals the goal point, and the estimate arrival time, so you can meet on the spot. Progress is shared   together with the “declaration” on facebook. Celebrate the Puma Valentine’s Day running for love.


 Pepe Villaverde
 Pepe Villaverde
 Pepe Villaverde